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Established in the last Nineties, Panorama Aromatics Ltd. Has carved a niche at the top in the league of Indian Aromatics & Pesticides Intermediates Manufacturing companies.

Never deterring from the company’s philosophy of “Total Quality at a Reasonable Price” the panorama group has expanded their production of Benzyl Chloride 50 m.t./ 200 m.t./p.m. within 3 years & also start the production of Benzaldehyde with 40 m.t./p.m. to 100 m.t./p.m. Our by product us Hydrochloric Acid & Benzoic Acid.

The producs owing to their own class contain a high level of purity, to excel and in such a short span of time give the company its place in the industry. The company being one of the leading manufacturers of above chemicals, creates an edge over the market by maintaining its price structure to very competitive level.

The value of the quality products is enhanced b their “Timely Delivery” which ensures that customer are never let down. This why the company enjoys the customers first world wide.

Situated at Panoli, 8 k.m. from Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India, th compny is well equipped with sophisticated process units. The products are subjected to quality control throughout processing with chemical analysis, Gas Chromatography, spectral photometric purity, and other process. This ensures a high standard of quality in the products.

The party that provides uninsight in to our laboratory services are “Computer controlled testing” & “Shipment of samples and product under specified temperature condition”

We will delight our customers worldwide with the fullest range and highest quality of consultancy and services, and with a spirit and a dedication that bring professional esteem and admiration.
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